Happy Endings





Ian and Margaret Andrew - October 2001 margarettwigs@aol.com
Partner Dance - Indian Position OLOD
We Believe in Happy Endings by Emmy Lou Harris duet with Earl Thomas Conley (Duets Album)


Side Steps Left, Right, 1/4 left, Scuff Right, Step Left, Scuff Right

1-4 Step left to left, touch right beside, step right to right, touch left beside

Step left 1/4 turn left, scuff right, step right forward, scuff left (LOD)

4 Triple 1/4 Turns CCW -( Full Turn)


Left triple 1/4 turn left, right triple 1/4 turn right (changing hands in a windmill turn)


Left triple 1/4 turn left, right triple 1/4 turn left (changing hands in a windmill turn)

Vine Right with a 1/4 Turn Right


Step left over right, step right to right, step left behind right, step right 1/4 turn right (OLOD)

Step Left, Slide Right to Left, Triple Back


Step left to left, slide right to left, left triple 1/4 back (RLOD)

Step Back Right, Left, Coaster Step

Step back right, step back left, coaster step (RLR)

Step Left, 1/2 Turn Triple Right, Left Shuffle Forward


Step forward left, 1/2 turn triple right (RLR) (LOD) left forward shuffle

Step Right, Left. Triple 1/4 Turn Right


Step forward Right, left, 1/4 turn triple step right (OLOD)

Start Again
Turns are generally windmill turns.

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