Ian & Margaret Andrew

Line Dance Instructor and Choreographer (Margaret) and Partner Dance Choreographer (Ian)

Ian and Margaret are well known Dancers
in and around the Suffolk/Essex region
of East Anglia UK

Margaret's first line dance "Reasons" was choreographed in August 1999. Her second dance "Never The Twain" was selected as an entry in the Linedancer Magazine Choreography Competion sponsored by Dave Sherriff. "Never The Twain" was first seen in the competion heat at Liverpool on 30th September 2000

The photograph below shows Margaret (on the right) with friends Jenny and Janet following their demonstration of Never The Twain at the Linedancer Magazine competition event.

email: margarettwigs@aol.com

Ian has very successfully choreographed four partner dances, the first a beginner dance, perfect for introducing line dancers to partner dancing for the first time (has to be good) "Long Overdue" and the second, "Together As One" a very popular and interesting beginner/intermediate dance. The third - credited to both Ian and Margaret this time: Happy Endings. The fourth is a great waltz - First & Last Waltz to Rodney Crowell's The Last Waltz on his Diamonds & Dirt CD
A great 36 count dance to Emmy Lou Harris and Earl Thomas Conley's "We Believe in Happy Endings" from Emmy Lou's Duets album

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Margaret Andrew on the right with friends Jenny and Janet at theLinedancer Magazine Choreography Competion.