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New update:
www.videodance.com/A great site from Luke Wonderly who has created the "Dancer's Dictionary in Country Western 2 Step" -(Intermediate and Advance Dance Dance Moves) has been added to the Couples - Two Step section.

With over 1,000 different turns, loops, spins and duckouts - all organized, categorized and sequentially numbered.

This Archive took nearly 20 years to complete, and is the largest body of work of its kind in the world

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We hope you like the new simpler site design. It should be more suitable for most browsers however, we are sure there will be many errors to the links in the process. Those you find, we would appreciate it if you could email the details. Thank you.

Welcome to David & Janet's attempt at providing a reference site of Western Partner and Couples Dance information and links to other associated C&W sites of interest.

We do not intend providing step sheets for the majority of dances as these are listed elsewhere - only the links to many of those sites.

We have included our own condensed step sheets "crib sheets" (now over 60 dance crib sheets) and information. We will also add our own step sheets for those that we cannot find. Please let us know of any other sites, errors or information of interest

We have also included a page for Virus and Hoax information as we have noticed a number of hoax emails circulating dance mailing lists. We hope this helps. See index on the right.

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A very interesting group to join is the "lineandpartner" list.
The idea of this UK group is to be able to let one another know what dances they have learnt recently that are popular, and what track of music they enjoy dancing to. They now have regular emails on the latest dances taght and a large database of the latest dances.
The link can be found at


One of the largest and best databases for step sheets of Partner Dances can be found by clicking HERE Arjjaze now have over 2300 dances :http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk/PARTNER%20DANCES.htm

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