Longbranch Hustle aka Black Velvet



Dick & Geneva Matteis (USA)
Partner Dance, Side by Side, left hands in front, right hands behind lady
Black Velvet- Alannah Myles, Drinking Champagne- George Strait, Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine- Kentucky Headhunters




Vine Right + 2 Right 1/2 Pivots


Right step to right, left step behind right

3 Right step to right (drop left hands and raise right hands)
4-5 Left step forward, pivot 1/2 turn to right
6-7 Left step forward, pivot 1/2 turn to right
Vine Left + 2 Left 1/2 Pivots

Left step to left, right step behind left

10 Left step to left (drop right hands and raise left hands)
11-12 Right step forward, pivot 1/2 turn to left
13-14 Right step forward, pivot 1/2 turn to left

Step Slide, Slow Walk


Right step forward, slide left foot to right

17-20 Right step slowly forward (2 counts), Left step slowly forward (2 counts)

Walk Right, Left, Right, Scuff + 1/4 turn right


Right step forward, left step forward with a slight dip

23-24 Right step forward, left scuff turning 1/4 right on ball of foot (left hands to ladies side)

Hip Bumps with 1/4 Turn Left


Step left foot down left and bump hips twice to the left at the same time

27-28 Bump hips twice to the right
29-30 Bump hips once to the left and once to the right
31-32 Step left foot to left with 1/4 turnleft and scuff right

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