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Partner dance links (so far) for step sheets and general dance information are shown below. We use a "crib sheet" to remind us of the basic movements & which foot to start on - of recently learned dances. You may not need them - but we are getting old! Our favourite dances are also shown with a specific step sheet link.

Partner Dancing
Couples Dancing

Some of the dance sheets are in Adobe PDF format. To access these you need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Partner Dance Step Sheet Web Site Links


Arjjaze Dancers - UK site - Partner dances + Diane Jackson's own dances


Parish Dance - A great US site for partner dances


C&W Dancing in the UK - UK choreographed partner & line dances


P Brown - 700+ Partner dances + line dance - USA


Kickit -  0'00s Partner dances & line dances - USA -


The Information Super Dance Floor - Partner dance section of a great site - you could spend a lot of time here - USA


Colorado Kickin' - country western dances, partner dance step descriptions,


Rambl'n Country - S Jersey USA site with 80+ partner & couples dances


Four Left Feet - Partner Country Western Dance Page


Caley' Country - UK Essex - few partner dances but good site + local links


Merv & Maria a great UK Country Duo who are very well known on the UK circuit. They are promoting Partner Dancing (see their partner dance step sheet page) and will shortly be launching a new CD - Partners In Time


Andrew's Home Page Partner Dances from an Englishman who came to America because he didn't know that he was allergic to cheese! Interesting small collection of new and old partner dances. Go back to the home page and look at the "silly stuff"


Dollar and Dime - new Partner Dance site from Alan Priestley. Alan's main interests are Country Western Partner Dancing and DJ'ing for his wife's (Sylvia) Line Dance class


Partner Dance Classes in the UK

Partner Dance Classes in the UK by Arjjaze Western Dancers

Help Index

Crib Sheet Index - We need the help !


Partner Dances we like - complete stepsheets


A Different Kinda' Cha Cha

64 count partner dance from Sylvia Priestley to "A Differnt Kinda' Man or any other - cha cha. 104 BPM


A Partners Love

48 Count Circle Couples / Partner Dance by Shuggie McCardle. The Bear Essential. Livingston, Scotland. Music: David Kersh - If I Ever Stop Loving You (106 bmp (LDF 7)


After All

48 Count Partner Dance, Side by Side. From Silvie Scott and Diane Jackson to After All - Joni Harms



Very nice 40 count side by side position dance from Lois Lois Lightfoot. 18-10-02. Ideal for beginner/intermediate


Against The Wind

Mark & Jan Caley Beginner / Intermediate Partner Dance to Against the Wind" by Brookes & Dunn (King of the Hill) 107BPM



Choreographed by Paula Frohn & Michael Silva (Jan 2005)
143 Pine Hill Rd, Thomaston, CT 06787 jusgotta@megahits.com Partner Pattern (Side- By-Side), 32 counts


Always By Me

Popular dance by Mark & Jan Caley to You'll always be loved by me by Brookes & Dunn (104 BPM)



Side By Side dance to any slow/medium country music


Angels Waltz

Very nice 54 count waltz from Isabelle Wilkie. Step sheet takes some studying - but it is worth it.


April's Fool

Diane Jackson's 64 Count, Partner Circle Dance to April's Fool - Tracy Lawrence - 96bpm


Back To Basics

This Roy East Dance has a basic Pattern of 10 steps which is repeated 4 times (Alternative Feet), hence the name. Which means there are only 34 steps to learn.


Back Two The Country

By Tony & Lana Wilson, Tucson AZ, USA, 1/28/04, ukwtony@theriver.com, 32 Count, 4 Wall Easy Intermediate Partner Dance Music: Back to The Country, Marty Stuart, 105 bpm, CD Tempted, [32 intro] Teach: I Finally Found Somebody, Kenny Chesney, 90 bpm, In My Wildest dreams CD [16 intro]


Bellamy Blues

Another popular dance from Diane Jackson "Arjjaze" Country Western Dancers" 118 BPM


Beer, Bait & Ammo Yeh !

This one is Fun (from Diane Jackson), get your dancers singing the Chorus. 64 Count Partner Dance, Same Footwork unless Stated, Start in Indian position facing LOD Music- Beer, Bait & Ammo – Sammy Kershaw – 116 Bpm


Best of Friends Also known as Friendly Cha Cha

Choreographed by Jean Miles 01243 268521 (UK)
Description: Right Side by Side Position [aka Sweetheart ]
Music: Best loved friend - Dean Dillon, Best of Friends - Dave Sheriff


The Black Coffee Partner Dance

Coffee for Two - The Black Coffee Partner Dance from David Pytka


Blue Grass Waltz

Lovely waltz from Diane Jackson to The Grass is Blue - Dolly Parton - 100 Bpm


Blue Rose

A Partner dance to the popular line dance - Blue Rose - Pam Tillis


Butterfly Waltz

An old favourite from JG2 James Gregory & Jean Garr



Roy East Partner Dance which for half the dance you are not holding your partner.


Carmela's Cha Cha

Rosie Multari's 48 Count Partner Dance to Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn or similar 100-125 BPM


Carolionel Waltz

Diane Jackson's waltz dedicated to Dedicated to Carolyn & Lionel


Cha Cha Blues

Nice cha cha 48 count from Diane Jackson, Partner Dance in Right Side by Side, Same footwork throughout Music Missing Her Blues – David Ball 107bpm– CD Amigo or any cha cha


Cha for Gray

Nice cha cha written especially for the Freeway weekend at Ely UK May 2001 by Ann Hexter. 48 count 108 bpm


Coffee For Two

Coffee For Two - The "Black Coffee" partner Dance from David Pytka



32 count Dance Mark & Jan Caley to "One Night" by Jo Jones 106 BPM " I Know You by Neil McCoy 112BPM - Nice Dance.


Cowboy Dreams

Progressive Partner Dance by Roy East in right Side by Side position to Cowboy Dreams - Jimmy Nail


Cowboy Mambo

Edie & Roy Ogilvie to Cowboy Mambo - Tom Russell - Too fast for us now!



John Litchfield's popular dance to Tougher than the Rest - ChrisLeDoux 100bpm. We like the Travis Tritt version


D & J Swing

Nice 56 count East Coast Swing dance from Doreen Francis


Dancing Hearts

Waltz from Ann Williams - Partner Dance (48 Count), Music Their Hearts Are Dancing" - The Forester Sisters 100 bpm. He Broke Your Memory Last Night - Reba McEntire. 90 bpm


Dancin' Shoes

Ver nice 32 Count Partner Dance, Start in Side by Side (Sweetheart) Position by Cinta Larrotcha - http://www.country-jukebox.com Music: Dancin' Shoes - Ronnie McDowell (126bpm), No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem - Kenny Chesney (116bpm), Gonna Walk that Line - Randy Travis (166bpm). Go this site to see the video


Desperado Wrap

An old favourite from Harry & Norie Ramos


Devine Intervention

32 Count, 4 Wall Line/Couple Dance, Beginner/Intermediate, Smooth - from Nancy A. Morgan


Diamond Stroll

64 count partner dance from Diane Jackson (Oct 2003) Music: If Teardrops were Diamonds - Dwight Yoakam & Willie Nelson. - 108 bpm - CD Population Me


Dig Swivel & Rock

A swing-like partner dance from Rosie Multari it's a West Coast Swing type progressive partner dance - 64 counts


DJ Stroll

Kindly choreographed by Roy East for David and Janet (us)


Don't Let Go

Rosie Multari's 48 count Progressive Intermediate Partner dance


Double "C" Shuffle

48 Count, Partner dance from Diane Jackson to Streets of Bakersfield – Dwight Yoakam – 108/216 bpm Home of the Blues – Dwight Yoakam – 196 bpm Homewrecker Blues – Heather Myles – 192 bpm


Double "M" Cha

Diane Jackson's dance dedicated to Merv & Maria & their Life is Just a Journey -106 bpm


Double "P" (Pizzirico Partner)

A great partner alternative by Isabel Wilkie tyo the Pizzirico line dance


Double T Shuffle

Dianer Jackson's 48 count dance to Tougher than the rest - Travis Tritt


East Coast Switch

Partner Mixer or stand alone East Coast Swing from Fred Rapoport & Debbie Small to Billy be bad - George Jones Way Gone - Brooks & Dunn any ECS at 134 - 146 BPM


Ellie-Lou Cha Cha

Bill & Jane Turner's answer to Un Momento Alla by Rick Trevino & lsland by Eddy Raven


El Paso Cha Cha

A PDF file - can't remember where from!. Step sheet prepared by Dick & Geneva.


Even Closer

Choreographed by Eve Blay 64 Count, Partner Dance - Music Fast as You – Dwight Yoakam - 124 bpm Closer – Susan Ashton – CD Awesome 7 - 122 bpm


Feel Free

Still like Bill Gallagher's dance to Feel Free by the Bellamy Brothers or similar cha cha - not danced enough these days.


Fifty Fifty

First Dance by Diane Jackson in 2002 - a 64 counts [32 counts done twice] partner dance in right side by side


First & Last Waltz

A very nice beginner/Intermediate watlz from Ian Andrew- 96 bpm to Rodney Crowell's The last Watz


Friendly Cha Cha

See "Best of Friends"


Go west

Beginner / Intermediate Dance by by Mark and Jan Caley. 32 counts to Go West" by Brookes & Dunn or any Cha Cha/Shuffle 115/122 BPM)


Happy Endings

A great new 36 count dance from Ian (his third dance) and Margaret Andrew to Emmy Lou Harris and Earl Thomas Conley's "We Believe in Happy Endings" from the Duets album


Heaven's Above

40 count Partner Dance from Lynn & Barry Gannon June 2000


Highway 12

64 Count, Partner Dance from Diane Jackson. Closed Western position Man Facing LOD Man and Lady on opposite footwork throughout. Amigo - David Ball - 184 bpm CD Amigo [teach] Ay Yi Yi Yi - Joni Harms 111bpm - CD After All


I Don't Even Know

Mona Puente's 32-count, beginner couple's circle dance - 108 -124 bpm


I'll Be OK

First Partner Dance from Chris Shiells - 64 count dance to Down Louisiana Way by George Strait (128 bpm) - Nice Dance!


Island Time

64 Counter Partner Dance from Diane Jackson. Like the 'hold' at most fourth counts.


J & JW

Nice 40 count dance by Jeff Mills. 76 to 98 BPM. Music: When You Say Nothing At All, Silver Wings, Let It Be Me


Jackson Stroll

64 Count, Partner Circle dance from Diane Jackson - 118 to n128 bpm - we like this!


Jai' 2 Boogie

64 count partner/circle dance by Wild Willy you do not have to do the Jai' Du Boogie line dance any more.


Jessie J Cha Cha

64 Count, Partner Circle dance from Diane Jackson - I've Been Better - Brad Paisley 105 BPM Cryin' for Nothin' - Gary Allan - 100 BPM


Joe's Place

64 count partner dance from Diane Jackson. Music - Joe’s Place - Joe Nichols 116 bpm - CD Man with a Memory She Don't Know She's Beautiful - Sammy Kershaw 116 bpm CD Haunted Heart


Johnny Come Lately

From Lois Lightfoot 07/11/01 - 32 counts Beginner Intermediate dance to be taught at their workshops in the UK during the year 2002


Jubilee Stroll

Another great dance from Diane Jackson - 48 count Partner Dance in Right Side by Side to Loving you makes me a better Man 96bpm – Hal Ketchum. CD Lucky Man


Just 4 U

Easy Intermediate 32 count partner dance from |Mike Cook (UK) June 02 - to Couldn't Last AMoment by Collin Raye. Note: This os a PDF File


Just A Kiss

Adapted from Original Line Dance Choreography with permission from Robbie McGowan Hickie. By Ann Williams. Country Cousins Western Dancers From the line dance "Just A Kiss' Music: Just A Kiss - Steve Holy 108bpm


Just Wanna Dance

2 Wall (80 counts) Partner Dance from Bill Gallagher for Dance The Night Away from the Mavericks or Just Wanna Dance


KB Shuffle

Kath Bowring's beginner 32 count Partner Dance to Rocky Top by the Concrete Cowboys


Kiss in the Dark

Nice 42 count dance starting in closed position by Larry & Terri Boezeman


Lakeside Stroll

Nice 64 count Diane Jackson beginners/intermediate dance to Alan Jackson's "When Love Comes Around" from his "Dive" Cd. 118 bpm


Lambson Waltz

Roy East's 60 count Waltz - Very nice waltz for the intermediate/experienced (unformatted)


Longbranch Hustle

Old favourite from Dick & Geneva Matteis to Black Velvet- Alannah Myles, Drinking Champagne- George Strait


Long Overdue

Ian Andrew's first Partner Dance - ideal for introducing partner dancing to line dancers.


Long Lasting Love

Here is a new 48 count mirror image dance written by Ann to a track by Gene Watson - Old Loves Never Die– 92 bpmBrilliant track! The dance has a move I've not seen before, what they call 'Open (or single handed) windows' (beats 19-24). We also like beats 27-32, a 1 1/2 turn for the lady which really flows. I think its a great dance - please give it a go.


Louisiana Way

Very popular dance by Diane Jackson to Down Louisiana Way - George Strait


Lovng You Again

56 Count: Partner Dance from Bill Gallagher to Today I Started Loving You Again – Cerrito


Martina's Dream

Choreographed by Mark & Jan Caley.56 Count Easy Intermediate Partner Dance Music Dream’s of Martina" by Hal Ketchum (107BPM) (Lucky Man C/D)



52 count beginner/intermediate partner dance from john & Janette Sandham


Memphis Blue

Very nice 32 count dance suitable for beginner/intermediate from Lois Lightfoot


Mexican Wind

One of our favourites from From TNN Dance Party and developed by Julie & Steve Ebel to Mexican Wind by Jann Browne or any moderate waltz


Middle of Nowhere

Diane Jackson 48 count partner dance to Middle of Nowhere by George Stait and Shawn Camp


Mirror Image

Pip Hodge's Partner Dance to Pizzirico - Mavericks - popular in the North of England


Montgomery Stroll

Another old favourite from Bill & Norma Morrison to Montgomery to Memphis by Lee Ann Womack


Move In Time Cha Cha

Intermediate Partner Slot Dance Mark & Jan Caley Nov 2003 48 Count Music: "La Casa De Ines" by Jimmy John Eskenazy (108BPM) (Playa Total 6 C/D) There Goes my Baby by Trisha Yearwood (108BPM) or your favourite Cha Cha Start Position: Facing each other in Closed Country western Position


Mustang Shuffle

38 count Partner Dance from Shuggie McCardle & Katharine Thompson.


Movin' On Swing

48 count dance from Diane Jackson t Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down - Brooks & Dunn (132bpm) or Merle Haggard (130bpm)


Never Never Cha Cha

32 count dance choreographed by Lois Lightfoot & Russell Kemp


New Mexico Cha Cha

Another interesting dance from Diane Jackson to "Land of Enchantment"


New Town Cha Cha

64 count Partner dance from Diane Jackson. May 2003. Music: Young Man’s Town - Vince Gill - 104 bpm - CD Next Big Thing It’s All Good - Toby Keith - 107 bpm - CD Unleashed


Nichols & Dimes

64 count partner dance from Diane Jackson - July 2003. You should find it a suitable alternative to Sway & Despardo Wrap. Music: Can’t hold a halo to you – Joe Nichols 82 bpm - CD - Man with a memory When I touch you – Travis Tritt 84 bpm - CD - T.R.O.U.B.L.E Nowbody Knows - Kevin Sharp 89 bpm - CD Measure of a Man [or any slow Stroll]


Night Out Together

64 count partner dance (mirror image) from Pim Humphrey


Nite Owl Scuffle

Ian & Fiona Smith's dance to Love is on a Roll - Don Williams or Does Fort Worth Ever Cross your Mind - George Strait - 112 BPM


No Holdin' Back

Very nice dance for the first of 2003 from Diane Jackson. Mambo steps, 1/4 turns and windmill turn. Music: There's No Stopping Us Now by Randy Travis and Merv & Maria


Normansland 2000 (Normans Stroll)

Nice 32 count dance by John Sandham to Eat At Joe's by Suzy Bogus - or can be danced much faster


North Star

48 Count Partner Dance in Right Side by Side from Stan & Anita Reynolds to Commitment - LeAnn Rimes


Oh! Virginia

Partner dance by Roy East to Tift Merritt's "Virginia No One Can Warn You" An exciting alt country artist. Hear the track at http://www.losthighwayrecords.com/tiftmerritt/


On The Freeway

Bernice Caddick's 56 Count Dance to West Texas Morning - Billy Keeble, Approx 105 BPM.


Oop's I Slipped

Nice beginner/easy intermediate swing dance from Mark & Jan Caley


Passion Slap

32 count couples dance by the Dancing Lollipops to I Ain't Going Peacefully by Hank Williams Jr. Not for us!


Pink Carnation Waltz

A great waltz from Jim & Judy Wells to Let Me Take That Heartache - Clay Walker - 88 bpm Did You Fall Far Enough - Travis Tritt - 92 bpm or any similar waltz



40 count dance by Jon Stamar and Eileen Sheward. Music: The Love You Promised Me by Monte Warden 94 BPM , When you say nothing at all by Keith Whitely, make memories with me by Lee Ann Womack


Real Mean Bottle

64 count dance from Diane Jackson to Real Mean Bottle - Vince Gill 130 bpm CD The next big thing Or your favourite Schottische tempo


Rebel Strut

An old one - Anyone know the choreographer?


Rest Of Us

64 count Partner dance. Choreographed by Pim Humphrey July 2004 e mail bannersandboots@ntlworld.com
Music: Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. by Joe Nichols (start dancing on the word rest ) Side by side position, both on same footwork


Rhumba Amor

RHUMBA AMOR... (OR LESS) Choreographed by Tony And Lana Wilson, Tucson AZ. 64 Count Progressive Partner Danc Music: If You Like Pina Coladas, Rupert Holmes,140 BPM, CD: Rupert Holmes Greatest Hits or other rhumbas. .doc file


Rocky Bottom Waltz

Very nice 33 count beginner partner dance from Mike Rachwell and Sandy Nelson


Rolling Nowhere

Popular dance from Coral & Ivan Burton


Salty Dog Rag

Another old dance - Adalida seems right to us for this one.


San Antone Slide

Isabel Wilkie's dance -Fly Like A Bird by Boz Skaggs, Mister Blue by Garth Brooks or similar


Sassy Shaney

Nancy [Thompson] VerBryck's 48 count dance - try it to Who's bed have your boots been under - Shania Twain


Seminole Scuffle

An old favourite - will go on forever as soon as Seminole Wind is played


September Shuffle

From Chris & Andrew Sparks 01362 820820 Description 48 Count, Partner Dance to the music: Union Mare, Confederate Grey



Side by Side (Sweetheart)Cha Cha. Any cha cha 100 to 112 BPM.


Shades Of Blue

By Kevin & Natalie of Pure Country Western Dancers. Nice beginner/intermediate 64 count dance to Two Shades Of Blue by Suzy Boguss



An old favourite 30 count dance


Sidewinder Swing

4 wall couples dance based loosely on East Coast Swing steps.


Silver Shadow

50 count dance from Tony and Sandy Tombs to Silver Shadow by Plain Loco


Silver Wings

Beginner Partner Dance to Silver Wings by Pam Tillis


Standing On The Touchline

Liz Clarke's 40 count beginner dance to Standing on the Touch Line by the Rye Brothers or anything slow to medium



A very nice little Partner Side by Side (holding hands) dance choreographed by: Roy East (Nov 02) to "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban (BPM - 111) - Or any similar music.(pdf file)


Someone's Waltz

Mona Puente's 48-count, partner circle dance, low intermediate to Someone Must Feel Like a Fool Tonight, Kenny Rogers, 100 BPM


Something Simple

32 Count, Beginner / Intermediate Dance in Right Side by Side from Mark and Jan Caley to Something Stupid


Something To Talk About

32 Count, Intermediate, Partner Dance from Steve Mason & Catherine Sykes. June 2004. Music. Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About - Bonnie Raitt, CD Best Of Bonnie Raitt. 32 Count Intro.


Southern State Drinker

48 Count partner dance by Diane Jackson to be taught during the UK Jubilee 2002. Music - Designated Drinker - Alan Jackson CD Drive


Southern Swing

40 counts, Partners start facing each other mans right hand holding ladies left. Music Choreographer Lois Lightfoot, 23-2-03, Loisjtl@hotmail.com Word Document.

Southland Waltz

4-Wall Waltz Line Dance or Partner Pattern Dance, 48 counts, Intermediate Level. The choreography is designed to accommodate both line and partner dancers.



64 Count, Easy Intermediate Partner Dance to “Speedy Gonzales’ by The Deans 147BPM by Mark & Jan Caley (November 2002)


Stay & Sway

Very nice 32 count begiiner/intermediate cha cha from Rosie Multari. Music: If You Wanna Stay by Keith Urban 118 bpm / CD: Keith Urban, I Love This Bar by Toby Keith 115 bpm / CD: Shock 'N Y'all, I'm Gonna Getcha Good by Shania Twain 120 bpm / CD: Up! by Shania Twain 128 bpm


Straight From The Heart

Very nice waltz from Larry Boezeman - 48 count in side by Side [aka Sweetheart] position same footwork to Somebody Loves You - Scooter Lee


Sundown In Nashville

48 count intermediate dance from Allan & Patricia Mitchell. Music: Sundown In Nashville by Marty Stuart 136 BPM



Probably the most popular beginner dance, even line dancers usually do this one.


Sweet Lips

Easy Intermediate Partner Dance Choreographed by Mark and Jan Caley{Sept 2002} 32 Count Music: "He’ll have to go" by Plain Loco 98BPM Right Side by side facing LOD (Sweetheart) Partners on same footwork


Sweetheart Schottische

The 'Copperhead Road' Partner Dance from Glen & Betty


Swinging Out West

Partner Dance from Pim Humphrey 10/04 bannersandboots@ntlworld.com. Music Whose been sleeping in my bed – CD - Glen Frey solo collection, Fast as You - Dwight Yoakam, CD - This Time


Tango With The Sherriff

Progressive Partner version by Tony Wilson & Lana Harvey Wilson, USA, 520-797-7295, keedance@juno.com, ukwtony@theriver.com, www.tucsondancer.com, Based on line dance choreography by Adrian Churm, UK 48 count, 4 wall, progressive partner dance
Music: Cha Tango, Dave Sheriff, 110 bpm, Love To Linedance 3, www.stompmusic.co.uk



John & Janette Sandham's ever popular dance to Marty Stuart.s 'Tempted'


Tennessee Walk

A 20 count partner dance in a smooth style with a glide in the steps.

Tequila Twirl

32 Count Partner Dance in Side by Side [ Sweetheart ] position byPip & Carolann at their Buffalo Mountain Summer Stampede - August 2001 ~ 01383 732609 E.Mail pipbuffalo@aol.com. www.britishcountry.co.uk/buffalo
Music He drinks Tequila – Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw
Land of Enchantment - Michael Martin Murphey ( slow )


Texas Ten Step

An early 14 count dance - introduced to us by Roy East


Texas Trot

Roy East; 40 count dance. Music All you ever do is bring me down - The Mavericks - 144 BPM No one needs to know - Shania Twain - 136 BPM


The Hatfield Stroll

By Diane Jackson, arjjaze@iname.com - 64 Count Partner Dance, Music Angel Blue Philip Claypool - 122bpm - CD. Perfect World Or your favourite music with a bit of a schottische feel to it…


The Rest Of Us

64 count Partner dance. Side by side position from Pim Humphrey July 2004 - bannersandboots@ntlworld.com Music Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. - Joe Nichols
(start dancing on the word rest )


Three Steps Forward

An old partner dance by Loretta Dwiggings to Black Velvet by


Together As One

Ian Andrew's second partner dance to I'm The One by Gary Allen 32 counts - we like this one.


Too Country ?

64 Count, Partner Dance from Diane Jackson. Music: Too Country and Proud of It – Billy Yates - 144 bpm- CD If I Could Go Back She's Still in Dallas - Hal Ketchum - 144 bpm CD Lucky Man


Tougher Than The Rest

Nice 32 count beginner dance from Sam & Ruth Armstrong to that ideal partner dance music - Tougher Than The Rest by Chris Le Doux (PDF File)



One of our favourites - fom Diane Jackson - a great track - Murder on Music Row - George Strait & Alan Jackson


Traveling Cha Cha

An old favourite to a slow cha cha


Tucson Waltz

Very nice 42 count beginner/intermediate waltz from Dawn Hood


Two as One

Choreographed by Paula Frohn (7/04) jusgotta@megahits.com
Description 32 Count, Beginner+/Intermediate Partner Pattern Dance, Side-By-Side (Travels OLOD)
Music We Are The Same - Kenny Rogers-92 BPM


Valentine Cha Cha

64 count partner dance to Something stupid 104 bpm Mavericks CD Music for all occasions. From Diane Jackson for Valentines Day 2003



DESCRIPTION Couples in Closed Western position (Face to Face, Gent facing LOD)Step description for Gent Lady's are on opposite feet
MUSIC: 40 Days & 40 Nights - Tim McGraw

Walking Backwards Together

Choreographed by Colin and Cherry Rogers. colinandcherry@rogers5694.fsnet.co.uk 32 count Beginner Intermediate Partner Dance in starting in Sweetheart position, Ladies & Gents steps same throughout. Music: Walking Backwards - Brandon Sandefur & I'll Take Texas - Vince Gill.


Wanna Be Partners

64 Count partner Dance by Pim Humphrey. Music Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me, Keith Urban



Any Slow to Medium Tempo dance. Very popular dance from Dennis and Brenda Perry from Haverhill in Suffolk


We Don't Know

Len Suttonwood's 56 count Dance to The Big One by George Strait


West Coast Shuffle

48 Count, Partner Dance in right side by side - By Diane Jackson (last for 2002) to I’ve Got My Baby On My Mind 109bpm – David Ball- CD Starlite Lounge


Weston's Waltz

John & Gall Wood's very nice waltz - generally slow about 90 BPM.


What In Heavens Name

Linda And Colin Chester's 32 count dance.


Whispering Cha Cha

Nice 40 count dance by Lois Lightfoot to 'The Whispering Wind' by Mandy Barnett


Wide Open Cha Cha

Mona Puente's very popular 32 count Beginner/low intermediate cha cha - Music: Wide Open Spaces, Dixie Chicks, 96 BPM


Wild Rose Swing

A new 64 Count, Partner Dance from Diane Jackson



Diane Jackson's great dance to www.memory, Alan Jackson, 94 BPM,