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Suggestions for Partner Dances which can be done when Line Dances are called. Let us try and create a Line Dance/Partner dance Library. Great Idea from Jack Hassett of Vermont, USA (Jack & Mary Jane's Country Dance Club)

Line Dance

Partner Dance



Angels Waterfall Send Me An Angel USA
Bar Stools A Couple of Bar Stools Any Way The Wind Blows USA
Blue Rose Is Blue Rose Blue Rose Is USA/UK
Bocephus Sweetheart Schottische Born To Boogie USA
Bow Legging A Couple Of Bar Stools Anyway The Wind Blows USA
California Coast The Jefferson Boot Scootin'Boogie USA
Cha Cha (any) El Paso Any Cha Cha USA
Chattahoochee Two-Step Chattahoochee USA/UK
Chiquita Chiquita Partner Where Do You Go USA
Copperhead Road Sweetheart Schottische Copperhead Road UK
Cowboy Cha Cha El Paso Any Cha Cha USA
Cowboy Rumba Cowboy Rumba Partner Spanish Eyes USA
Cowboy Twist Two-Step Down At The Twist & Shout USA
Doctor CC Bagalucci Bump Doctor CC USA
Fallsview Rock Free Spin That Girls Been Spying On Me USA
Fly Like A Bird San Antone Slide Fly Like A Bird UK
Flying Eights Two-Step Bubba Shot The Jukebox USA/UK
Little Squirt Cuddles Back In Your Arms Again USA
Jai' du Boogie Jai' 2 Boogie Jai' du Boogie USA/UK
Jose' Cuervo Sweetheart Cha Cha Jose' Cuervo USA
Pizzirico Double P Pizzirico UK
Rock It Michigan Stomp Baby Likes To Rock It USA
Swamp Thang Swamp Thang Partner Swamp Thang USA
Topeka Touch Sugar Bear A Little Less Talk USA
Trashy Women Horsin' Around Trashy Women UK
Tush Push Two-Step/CaribbeanCadence Good Girls Love Bad Boys USA
Waltz Across Texas Wagonwheelers Waltz Any Waltz Music USA
Wanna Be Me Wanna Be Me (Ptnr) Who wouldnt wanna be me UK
Whiskey In The Jar Cowboy Sweetheart Whiskey In The Jar UK