Standing On The Touch Line



Liz Clarke (March 1998)
Partner Dance- Beginner- Side by Side Position
Standing on the Touch Line by the Rye Brothers

Left Stroll + right brush, right stroll + left brush

  1-2 Step diagonally forward left, bring right foot behind left
  3-4 Step diagonally forward left, brush right foot past left
  5-6 Step diagonally forward right, bring left foot behind right

Step diagonally forward right, brush left foot past right

Step left, pivot 1/2 right, left shuffle, step right, pivot 1/2 left, right shuffle

  9-12 Step forward on left foot, pivot 1/2 turn to right, left shuffle forward (LRL)


Step forward on right foot, pivot 1/2 turn to left, right shuffle forward (RLR)

Vine left, vine right with 1/4 turn right

  17-20 Step left, cross right behind, step left, touch right beside left
  21-24 Step right, cross left behind right, step right making 1/4 turn right (Man behind Lady) , touch left foot beside right

Vine left, 1/4 turn left, brush right, right jazz box, left touch

  25-28 Step left, cross right behind, step left turning 1/4 turn left, brush right beside left


Cross right over left, step back left, step right to side right, touch left beside right

Forward shuffles, left, right, left, right

  33-36 Left shuffle forward (LRL), right shuffle forward (RLR)


Left shuffle forward (LRL), right shuffle forward (RLR)

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