What is Partner Dancing?


History of Western Dance

WESTERN DANCE doesn't just consist of Line Dancing; it also includes Partner and Couples (Freestyle) dancing.

LINE DANCING, speaks for itself, dancers dance in lines. The dance normally consists of a particular dance step pattern, performed in the center area of the floor. More than one dance can be performed on the dance floor at the same time but should only be done if the room/floor permits.

PARTNER DANCING, again speaks for itself. The dances are performed with a partner and are sometimes referred to as "Stop and Go" dances as they progress anti-clockwise round the outside of the dance floor, often stopping and turning the other way for a series of steps, but will then turn back in an anti clockwise direction (line of dance).

COUPLE DANCING, sounds like Partner dancing but does differ. It is often referred to as Freestyle and includes various distinctive types of dancing which can be spilt into two types, "Progressive" and "Slot" dances.

PROGRESSIVE DANCES - Two Step, Waltz and Polka, these dances actually progress round the outside of the dance floor (outside of the Partner Dancers)

SLOT DANCES - Cha Cha, West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing are performed in small "slots" on the dance floor, either end of the Line dancers, but inside the Partner dancers.

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